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Rewal Guesthouse

Panorama is a cosy seaside resort located in Trzęsacz, in the picturesque municipality of Rewal. An undoubted advantage of our area is the proximity of the Baltic Sea and the stunning cliff coastline. Despite the fact that nearby there are many hotels with a swimming pools by the sea, we are confident that your choice will fall on Panorama.

Panorama offers its guests not only accommodation by the sea, but also Spa treatments, organisation of special events and conferences. Choosing our hotel you will spend time in convenient conditions in double and triple rooms, apartments or studio rooms. Our catering and conference facilities, as well as professional staff are of great assistance in taking care of your comfort and convenience. Thanks to the experience and beautiful surroundings of Rewal, conferences in our hotel will become a memory as pleasant as holiday with family. Our Rewal Spa will allow everyone not only to rest, but also to relax and take care of his body.

Our hotel by the sea is a great place for individual guests, groups, families and business clients.


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